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NATO Rejects Every Attempt Made to Declare a Ceasefire in Li

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David Edwards
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Post Post subject: NATO Rejects Every Attempt Made to Declare a Ceasefire in Li Reply with quote

Thanks to Plus Ultra for posting this on the message board:

This is a list of key ceasefire moments that I have been collating over the last few months. It really does portray the west as entirely callous and acting against all good conscience. A sobering read:

25| Gaddafi’s Son Sees Negotiaton, Ceasefire in Libya
25| Gaddafi’s Son to Negotiate Ceasefire

18| Libya Calls Ceasefire in Response to UN Resolution
18| Pro-Gaddafi Forces to Observe Ceasefire
18| Libya Ceasefire Analysis
18| David Cameron Cautious over Libya Ceasefire Offer
18| Gaddafi’s Ceasefire May Split Coalition
18| Clinton Unimpressed by Libya’s Ceasefire Pledge
19| Libyan Minister Claims Gaddafi is Powerless and the Ceasefire is Solid
21| US-led Forces Reject Gaddafi Ceasefire
27| Turkey Offers to Broker Ceasefire Talks

1| Libyan Rebels Prepared to Accept Ceasefire if Gaddafi Lifts Sieges, Allows Protests
1| Libyan Rebels Seek Ceasefire as US Vows to Withdraw Jets
6| Gaddafi Accepts African Roadmap to End Libya Civil War Including Ceasefire
7| Gaddafi Writes to Obama, Urging End to Airstrikes
10| Libyan Rebels Spurn African Union Ceasefire Unless Gaddafi Gives Up Power
11|Ceasefire ‘Must Meet UN Conditions’ says Hague
11| Benghazi Rebels Reject African Union Truce Plan
13| Crucial Libya Talks as Rebels Again Reject Ceasefire
19| UN Appeals for Libya Ceasefire
30| Gaddafi Calls for Ceasefire as NATO Strikes Tripoli
30| Muammar Gaddafi Calls for Ceasefire in Libyan TV Address
30| Libyan Rebels Reject Gaddafi Offer
30| Libyan Opposition Rejects Gaddafi Truce Offer
30| Rebels and NATO dismiss Gaddafi Truce Offer

3| Turks Offer Libya Ceasefire Plan as Western, Arab Officials Meet in Rome
26| Libya Ready for Ceasefire, Demands End to NATO Strikes
26| Libyan Regime Makes Peace Offer that Sidelines Gaddafi
26| Libya’s Prime Minister Calls for Ceasefire
26| White House Says Libya Ceasefire Not Credible
26| Libya Ceasefire Offer Regarded Coldly by the West
26| Libya Approaches Spain for NATO Ceasefire
27| Comment: Why no mention of a Ceasefire for Libya, Obama?
27| US Rejects Libya Ceasefire, Vows War will Continue
28| Talks Under Way to End Libya Fighting
29| South Africa PM to Visit Gaddafi, Push for Ceasefire and Talks
31| Zuma Says Gaddafi Ready for Truce
31| Gaddafi Wants Truce in Libya, Says Zuma, but Terms Remain Unclear

2| Comment: NATO’s Strategy in Libya is Working - Talks with Gaddafi Won’t
10| Libya’s Gaddafi Writes to Congress for Ceasefire
11| Gaddafi Ceasefire Letter to USA
11| Gaddafi’s Letter to Congress Urges Ceasefire
21| Arab League Chief Calls for Ceasefire and Political Solution
22| Italy Asks NATO to Consider Ceasefire in Libya
22| Italy Ceasefire Call Exposes NATO Split on Libya
22| Italy Urges Suspension of Hostilities
22| Downing Street Rejects Allies’s Call for Libyan Ceasefire
22| France Rejects Italian Libya Ceasefire Call
23| Italian Minister Calls for Libyan Ceasefire
23| Italy Breaks Ranks to Call for Ceasefire in Libya so Aid can Get Through
26| Calls for Ceasefire in Libya Ring Louder
[Arab League has Second Thoughts About Air-Strike]
26| Gaddafi Vows Not to Put Pressure on AU Peace Talks
27| Comment: Libya is not Ready for a Political Solution

3| Libya Rebels Welcome African Union’s Gaddafi-Free Talks Offer
12| Nato Suggests Ramadan Libya Ceasefire
17| NATO Chief Cautious on Libya Ceasefire
20| France: Ceasefire Deal Could Include Gaddafi Remaining in Libya
21| France Says Gadaffi Can Stay in Libya if He Relinquishes Power
22| UN Peace Envoy Suggests a Ceasefire to be Declared
22| UN Plan Sees Unity Government in Post-Gaddafi Libya
26| Comment: Libya’s Stalemate Shows it is Time to Tempt Gaddafi Out, Not Blast Him Out
28| UN Official: Truce and Transitional Pact Key to Ending Libya Crisis

12| UN Calls for Ceasefire in Libya and Political Talks by Gaddafi and Rebels
15| UN Envoy Seeks Ceasefire to Break Impasse in Libya with Tunisia Meetings
18| Gaddafi Regime Urges Ceasefire as Libya Rebels Claim Control of Key Refinery
18| Casualties Mount in West Libya as Regime Urges Ceasefire
18| Libya Regime PM Calls for a Ceasefire
19| Libya Regime Calls for Ceasefire
24| Gaddafi’s Son Offers to Broker Ceasefire

1| NATO Keeps War Footing Until Gaddafi Regime is Smashed
4| The UN was Hijacked on Libya
28| Venezuela Calls for Libyan Ceasefire
Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:47 pm
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